The Briarbrook Brookside Morgan’s Grant Community Association (BMGCA) is a non-profit, volunteer association striving to make our community a great place to live.


The BMGCA membership fee is still only $10.00 per household for 1 year or $18.00 for 2 years. This small fee helps support a number of activities and community initiatives. Payment can be done online using the payment buttons below or via email to

    • Maintenance of three outdoor rinks, water cost and maintenance of snowblowers and replacement of aging machines
    • Graffiti removal
    • Annual events such as the Christmas lights contest, winter family fun day, community-wide garage sale and multicultural summer festival etc.
    • General meetings and communications to air pressing community issues
    • Advocacy for traffic improvements
    • Monitoring and providing community feedback on new developments including retail and city projects such as park improvements
    • Community greening and tree planting projects
    • Restoration of signage and beautification of our neighborhood entrances
    • Spring and fall clean-ups.


Information required at registration : Name, Email address and Street name.

Additional membership information - Anyone who lives or works in the area of Briarbrook, Brookside or Morgan's Grant is entitled to become a member.

Why does the BMGCA ask for adult members’ information?

We need to maintain a basic list for future events and promotions i.e. food at summer BBQ. In addition, the BMGCA needs to know about its demographic so that we can honestly claim to be representative of the community.
If challenged, the association must be in a position to know who is a member and how many members we have.


How does the BMGCA protect my privacy?

Information collected is exclusively for the use of the BMGCA, and will not be shared or sold.


What if I cannot buy online?

Please email to make alternate arrangements to buy your membership.

Cost (per household) :

1-year membership : $10
2-year membership : $18