How did it start?

2016 Exploring ideas and possibilities

Ottawa Stewardship Council (volunteer organization formed in 2001 to promote and maintain a healthy environment) was looking for a potential site to promote a healthy meadows environment. The City advisor recommended speaking with Kanata North Councillor Marianne Wilkinson who liked the concept of a community oriented green space that might also be a model or template for other City efforts. 

Collaboration with Carleton University

OSC collaborated with Carleton University to develop a course project to assess the site.

2017 Disruption and  Organization

  • HydroOne: clearing and maintenance

HydroOne carried out its clearing and maintenance. The Councillor Marianne Wilkinson organized a public hearing to explain the process and requirements for the maintenance work. HydroOne delayed maintenance work and performed door to door survey in order to respond to any concerns expressed by the residents. Community Association with Ottawa Stewardship Council and Councillor’s office prepared a newsletter explaining the work and providing the latest updates.

  • HydroOne: reseeds

HydroOne reseeded disrupted area with a specialty wildflower mix that encourages pollinators. The seed mix was developed by Guelph University. The selected plants in the seed mix also control noxious weeds by outcompeting them. Areas of clearing provide space for noxious weeds to grow and spread. The seed mix is designed to create a healthier greenspace.

Second Carleton University Environmental Study