Bee Hotels

Bee Hotel


Welcome to the Wild Bee Hotel - Wild bees are critical natural pollinators for native wildflowers, fruit trees, flowering shrubs and many other plants. Most wild bees are solitary, they seek holes and cracks in wood or in the ground in which to lay their eggs. Bee hotels offer safe accommodation for these important and endangered pollinator species helping them increase their numbers thus aiding the pollination and growth of this new wild flower meadow in front of you.


Recognition - The Wild Bee Hotel was donated by Hydro One and installed by the BMGCA. It serves to reinforce and sustain the ongoing effort of the Kanata North Corridor Caretakers volunteer team who are working to improve the corridor’s ecosystem and support the transition to an urban meadow for the benefit of residents and visitors alike.


Contact - Please let us know your views, ideas, and opinions on how we might keep improving the hydro corridor as a community urban meadow of the future. If you wish more information about the work, or to let us know what you think, or how you can help us make the best community space possible, please contact us at