Planning and Development Watch

Planning and Development Watch


The BMGCA is actively involved in the review of local planning and development projects.

In partnership with our Counsellor, Jenna Sudds, our goal is to monitor City of Ottawa planning proposals within our neighbourhood and in the larger Kanata area. If warranted, the BMGCA will advocate for changes / improvements to the proposal if deemed necessary by the community.

Kanata North Planning and Development Website

Our Councillor's office will receive notice of all planning activities in Kanata North - the website is here:

City of Ottawa Planning Site

Due to a recent change in the planning process at the City of Ottawa, ALL planning applications filed are now available online by clicking on this link  City of Ottawa Online Planning Applications.  Note that only larger planning applications (e.g. > 14 units) may now require an onsite sign describing the application. 

Update - Kanata Lakes Golf Course Development

Although not in the BMGCA area, we fully support the Kanata Lakes community association and their action to prevent the development of the golf course for the purpose of residential housing and development.

Contact - Please let us know your views, ideas, and opinions on development in the BMGCA community. If you wish more information about our involvement, please contact us at or via the “BMGCA” group on Facebook.