Hydro Corridor Nature


Hydro Corridor and Nature.

The Briarbrook Brookside and Morgan’s Grant Community Association (BMGCA) is collaborating with the City of Ottawa and Hydro One to make this hydro corridor a clean and safe green space for you, your families and your neighbours to enjoy. This project began in 2017 when Hydro One cleared and reseeded much of the area between where you are standing now to just North of Brady as part of its required infrastructure maintenance program. The BMGCA with support from the Ottawa Stewardship Council (OSC) has worked hard to gain City and Hydro One support for creating a community driven plan for the corridor restoration. The pictures below were taken by our "corridor naturalists" who are taking images of various insects, flowers and other specifies and cataloging them on the iNaturalist website (https://www.inaturalist.org/). To see observations recorded in the corridor, go to the iNaturalist site and search on "bmgca"! Contact - We need your help to make the corridor a place where all of us can come and enjoy a safe and green environment from where you stand all the way to Old Carp Road. Contribute to the progress!  Join up and share your views, ideas and vision on the BMGCA website at bmgcakanata.ca or via the “BMGCA” group on Facebook.