Urban Landscape

(Note: This page is currently under construction - please stay tuned for an update soon!)


Changing our Urban Landscape


The Morgan’s Grant hydro corridor is changing.


The Briarbrook, Brookside, Morgan’s Grant Community Association (BMGCA) is collaborating with the City of Ottawa and Hydro One and many volunteers to make this hydro corridor a clean and safe green space for you, your families and neighbours to enjoy.


Here, as you look over the hydro corridor you see the first steps in a restorative transition.


To your right you can see where in 2017 Hydro One cleared much of the land as part of its required maintenance program. They then re-seeded the area with native wild flowers and rejuvenating grasses designed to choke out the invasive species over time. In this area you should see that there is little Wild Parsnip. Our local Community Association volunteers have carefully and steadily removed this dangerous and toxic plant by hand with support from the City, making this first section of the corridor a safer and greener community space.


Now look left. You see what still needs to be done; what we all need to help with if we want this restoration to be a true community space.  Hydro One and the City are helping but your Community Association needs volunteers and financial support through membership dues to show that we can be stewards of a community commons. This corridor can be redesigned for the community to meet local needs as part of the City’s green network with local community support.


What do you want to see? How would you like the corridor to be used for our common benefit? What do you think needs to be done? Would you like to share your ideas and vision with your neighbours?


Contact - We need your help to make the corridor a place where all of us can come and enjoy a safe and green environment from where you stand all the way to Old Carp Road. Contribute to the progress!  Join up and share your views, ideas and vision on the BMGCA website at bmgcakanata.ca or via the “BMGCA” group on Facebook.